Dr Helen Watt

Ms. Zoe A. Morris

BA AppSci/SocSci, BA (Hons) Psych, MPsych (Ed & Dev), MAPS, CEDP
PhD Candidate & FIT-Choice Research Assistant

Faculty of Education, Bldg 6
Monash University, Clayton Campus
Melbourne VIC 3800 AUSTRALIA
Email: zoe.morris@monash.edu
Tel: +613 9905 2129


Zoe has worked on the FIT-Choice project since 2008. Her role in the project is varied and involves data management and analysis, writing up research findings as well as cataloguing our growing international collaborators.  A registered psychologist, Zoe has completed a Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental) and worked as a psychologist in primary and secondary schools.  Zoe is completing her PhD at Monash University; her research project investigates teacher professional behaviour and ethical preparedness in the digital age.  Zoe enjoys working as both researcher and practitioner, and the diversity these roles bring.  She has particular interest in students with special learning needs and mental health issues for both students and teachers. Zoe is a member of the Australian Psychological Society , the APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists, the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE), and junior research member of the European Association of Research on Learning and Instruction (JURE/EARLI).  Zoe also teaches within the Monash teacher education programs focusing on educational psychology issues for preservice teachers such as bullying, anxiety, depression and adolescent development.

Research Interests

PhD topic: Teacher Professionals: Online and Offline

Other research interests include:


Watt, H. M. G., Shapka, J. D., Morris, Z. A., Durik, A. M., Keating, D. P., & Eccles, J. S. (2012). Gendered motivational processes affecting high school mathematics participation, educational aspirations, and career plans: A comparison of samples from Australia, Canada, and the United States. Developmental Psychology, 48, 1594-1611. doi: 10.1037/a0027838. [pdf available]

Hardie, E. A., Critchley, C. & Morris, Z. (2006). Self-coping complexity: Role of self-construal in relational, individual and collective coping styles and health outcomes. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 9(3), 224-235. [pdf available]. This article won the Misumi Award, as nominated by an international panel and was judged to be the most prominent contribution to social psychology in Asia in 2006.

Conference Presentations

Morris, Z.A., Watt, H.M.G., & Richardson, P.W. (2013, August). Measuring teacher professional behaviour in Australian early career teachers. Paper to be presented at the 15th Biennial European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), Munich, August 27-31.

Morris, Z.A., Richardson, P.W., & Watt, H.M.G. (2013, July). Connecting professionally: Measuring teacher professional behaviour in early career secondary teachers. Paper to be presented in the Symposium ‘Teacher motivations, professionalism and wellbeing’ at the Inaugural Social Psychology of the Classroom International Conference (SPCIC), Auckland, New Zealand, July 15-18.

Morris, Z. A., Richardson, P. W., & Watt, H. M. G. (2012, December). What is popular is not always right – Measuring teacher professional behaviour. Paper presented in Symposium 'Teachers in a brave new world: Internationalisation, Professionalism and Social Emotional Learning'. Joint Australian Associate of Research in Education (AARE) Annual Conference & Asia Pacific Education Research Association Conference, Sydney, December 2-6. [pdf available] This won the AARE annual Postgraduate Student Research Award for outstanding research paper 2012 ($1000 prize) and also the Monash Education Research Community Publication Award 2012 ($500 prize)

Morris, Z.A. (2011, November). Professional Behaviour in the Digital Era: Investigating the contributions of dispositional factors and preservice training. Paper presented in the symposium "Contemporary professional issues for teachers in the 21st Century". Australian Association of Research in Education (AARE) Annual Conference, Hobart, November 27 - December 1.

Morris, Z.A. (2011, August). Web 2.0 – A cause for rethinking teacher ethics 101? Roundtable presented at the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), Exeter, United Kingdom, August 30 – September 3.

Morris, Z.A. (2011, July). Professional identity development – what constitutes professional behaviour and interactions for preservice teachers? Paper presented at the Australasian Human Development Association (AHDA) 17th Biennial Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, July 4-6.

Morris, Z.A., Richardson, P.W., & Watt, H.M.G. (2011, July). Measuring professional identity development of preservice teachers in the 21st century. Paper presented at the Australasian Human Development Association (AHDA) 17th Biennial Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, July 4-6.

Morris, Z. (2010, July). Usage of social networking sites among prospective teachers - ethical implications for fitness to practice. Paper presented in Symposium 'Teaching in an Era of Accountability'. International Congress of Applied Psychology Conference, Melbourne, July 11-16.

Morris, Z (2010, Nov.). Developing teacher professional identity in a digital era. Poster presented at the Australian Association of Research in Education (AARE) annual conference, Melbourne, November 28 - December 2. This won the inaugural AARE-ACDE Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Poster Award 2010.

Thesis Publications

Morris, Z. (2004). Gender and cultural differences in the self-concept and predictors of health in Australian university students. Unpublished Bachelor of Arts (Honours) thesis, Swinburne University [Supervised by Dr. Elizabeth Hardie].

Morris, Z. (2008). Early parental support, psychosocial resources and adult health. Unpublished Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental) thesis, Monash University [Supervised by Dr. John Roodenburg].

In the Media

"Don't be a Weiner: Online shame saver". Herald Sun June 22, 2011

Invited Presentations

Morris, Z.A., (2012, Nov.). Presentation at DEECD Eastern Metropolitan Region Student Wellbeing Network Meeting (14 November, 2012).

Grants and Awards

  • AARE Postgraduate Student Research Award, 2012 ($1000 prize) [ left inset: AARE Award 2012 with PhD Supervisors]
  • MERC Publication Award, 2012 ($500 prize)
  • Monash University 3 Minute Thesis Competition Finalist ($150 prize) [video available]
  • AARE-ACDE Postgraduate & Early Career Researcher Poster Award, 2010 ($500 prize) [see AARE Newsletter report] [ left inset: AARE-ACDE Poster Award 2010]
  • featured PhD candidate in AARE News No. 74 May 2011 [weblink]
  • Australian Postgraduate Award for PhD Candidature 2010-2013
  • Morris, Z. & Richardson, P. W. (2010). Digital discursive displays and “fitness to practice: Usage and correlates of social networking sites among prospective professionals. Monash University, Faculty of Education, Small Grant Scheme, $12,862.

Zoe is associated with the FIT-Choice program of research