Ms. Ann Guns

FIT-Choice & STEPS Research Assistant

Faculty of Education, Bldg 6
Monash University, Clayton Campus
Melbourne VIC 3800 AUSTRALIA
Office Tel: +613 9905 2879

Prior Qualifications

BA Education (mathematics, history, PAV)
Master in Instructional and Educational Sciences
Antwerp, Belgium


In 2002 I completed a Professional Bachelor in Education, this for the teaching streams mathematics, history and PAV (Project work in vocational education). As part of this study I went to Zambia to do my final placement. I had the possibility to observe the different school systems in Zambia and teach in both public and private schools. Besides organising training for local Zambian teachers, I also facilitated workshops for local teachers to produce and create effective teaching and learning materials. After graduating I have worked as a secondary school teacher in Belgium for 8 years and had a leadership role in implementing a vocational educational program at the school. Although I loved teaching, I decided to start my Masters in Instructional and Educational Sciences in 2007, so I could enlarge my curriculum. In October 2010 I came to Australia and finished my Masters at Monash University by writing my thesis supervised by Assoc. Prof. Helen Watt and Assoc Prof Paul Richardson. Because the Australian life was very appealing to me, I decided to stay and started working at Monash University. In January 2012, I started my PhD at Monash University.

Research Interests

PhD Topic: University and career experiences among Business majors in Australia: comparing domestic and international perspectives

Other research interests include:

Future Plans

I hope to further develop my research skills through my role as PhD candidate and Research Assistant at different projects.



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Grants and Awards

  • AARE [ left inset: Award presentation with Dr Jennifer Archer, SIG Convenor]